Project Plans

Applies to QAComplete 14.4, last modified on May 20, 2024

Project Management provides hierarchical features that allow you to manage all software projects across all teams and obtain visibility and metrics across all your projects. You can use this to track the status, hours logged, variances, and completeness percentage of all projects and individual tasks within each project. You can quickly identify slipping tasks and who is causing the slippage so you can help them before it impacts others.

Create plans

You can create a project plan in two ways:

To create a project plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Project Management.

  2. On the Releases tab, select a release to create the plan for.

    The Releases tab
  3. Switch to the Project Plans tab and click Add New Plan.

    The Add New Plan button location
  4. Configure the following settings:

    • Project Plan – Required. Enter a name of the plan.

    • Owner – Required. Select a user who owns the plan.

    • Assignee – Assign a plan to a user.

    • Status – Required. Select a plan status.

      Possible values: Active, Closed, On Hold.

    • Latest Note – Enter some information about the plan. To create a new note, click Add New Note.

    • Burndown Start – Enter an estimated plan duration start date in the MM/DD/YYYY format manually or click to pick up a date.

    • Burndown End – Enter an estimated plan duration finish date in the MM/DD/YYYY format manually or click to pick up a date.

    • Auto Adjust Burndown – Select this check box to automatically set the Burndown Start and Burndown End dates.

    • Linked Items – Associate releases with the plan.

      Show instructions

    • Use Project Plan Wizard – Select Create a new Project Plan from scratch to create a plan immediately with the data you entered in the form (you can add tasks to the plan later) or Create a new Project Plan via the Project Plan Wizard to use the wizard to create a project plan from a list of existing requirements, tests, and defects.

    • Click Continue.

  5. If you selected Create a new Project Plan from scratch, continue with the following instructions:

    Show instructions

  6. If you selected Create a new Project Plan via the Project Plan Wizard, continue with the following instructions:

    Show instructions

Manage plans

Once a project plan is 100% complete, it will drop off from the left navigation panel. You can view complete or inactive plans on by clicking Manage Plans to create new and maintain existing plans, add and remove team members.

Manage Plans provides access to Hierarchical View, My Tasks, and security rights for all projects.

Below is an example of a project plan Hierarchical View:

The hierarchical view of the project plan tasks

Click the image to enlarge it.

Use the navigation panel to the left to manage and navigate your project plans. Select Hierarchical View to see the example as pictured.

On Hierarchical View, click to add new tasks under existing ones or to delete tasks. Click and to indent or un-indent tasks. Once a task is entered with an associated estimated hours and assignee, the estimated finish date is automatically calculated based on dependencies, and resource availability.

My Tasks displays only your assignments.

Use Manage Security Rights to select the team members for the project plan.


If assigning an item will over-allocate a resource, you will see the icon next to the assignment. This is calculated by team members work time, tasks assigned to the team member, estimated start date, and estimated hours on the tasks. Clicking the icon brings up the Resource Availability report, showing the assignments for your team members.

Move tasks between projects

To move items from this project plan to another, click Fast Edit on the Project Management toolbar.

To add additional requirements or defects to the project plan, click the Add Wizard button on the toolbar. You can also use this to create additional tasks based on task template.

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