File Variables

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Use File variables to retrieve the contents of files to use in your tests. Typically, you use File variables to store certificate files and pass them to remote computers that simulate virtual users during the test run. To learn more, see Certificate Authentication.


File variables have the following parameters:


The variable name, which will be used to refer to this variable. The name can include only letters (A..Z, a..z), digits (0..9), or underscores ( _ ), and must be unique within the project.

File name

The fully-qualified name of the file whose contents the variable will retrieve. The file itself can be stored on the local computer (for example, C:\Tests\cert.pfx) or in a network share (for example, \\Server\SharedFolder\cert.pfx).

If you are going to move your test projects to other computers, we recommend that you store the file in a shared network folder. This way the file path will be computer independent.


A File variable retrieves the contents of the specified file upon the test start:

  • External changes made to the source file during the test run will not affect the variable value.

  • If you simulate virtual users on remote stations or on cloud computers, you will not have to configure access to the source file from them. Only the computer from which you control the test run must have access to the source file.

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