Types of Project Variables

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

Project variables in LoadComplete can store various data types: numbers, strings, dates and so on. They can get their values from external data sources, such as databases, Excel and CSV files. Variables also can change their value on each use adding dynamic behavior to your test scenarios.

We recommend that you select a variable whose data type matches the parameter data type. If LoadComplete fails to convert the variable value to the parameter data type, the test server may raise an error.

In This Section

Constant Variables

Describes variables that have a permanent value throughout the load test run.

Current Date Variables

Current date variables return the current date and/or time in a specific format.

CSV Variables

CSV variables return values from a specific field in a CSV file.

Database Variables

Database variables are linked to a database table, view or recordset and return values from a specific field.

Excel Variables

Excel variables return values from a specific column in an Excel spreadsheet.

File Variables

File variables return the contents of a file.

Incremental Variables

Incremental variables have an initial value and increment their values at certain times.

List Variables

List variables hold a list of values and return values from that list.

Random Variables

Random variables return a random number or a date from the specified range.

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