Apache Server Performance Counters

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

LoadComplete can monitor various metrics of the tested Apache servers during the load test execution (see About Server Monitoring).

The Apache server can publish its performance data on a special web page (the default name is http://servername/server-status). LoadComplete can get that information and parse out the counter values from it.

To allow LoadComplete to access the needed counter data on the target server, configure the server as described in Configuring Servers for Monitoring.

The Apache Web Server publishes the following performance counters:

Counter Description
CPU Load The percentage of the CPU the Apache software is using.
Requests/Sec The number of HTTP requests the web server is processes per second.
Bytes/Sec The amount of data the web server transfers per second.
Bytes/Requests Average The average number of bytes transferred per HTTP request.
Busy Workers The number of Apache processes actively processing an HTTP request.
Idle Workers The number of idle Apache processes waiting for an HTTP request.

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