Viewing the 'Slow Pages', 'Slow Transactions' and 'Slow Responses' Graphs

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

About the Graphs

The Slow Pages, Slow Transactions and Slow Responses graphs show a list of pages with the highest page load time, a list of user-defined transactions with the longest completion time, and a list of responses that were received for the longest period of time respectively.


To view the graphs in the test log, configure LoadComplete to gather detailed data on all the operations simulated during the test run:

Configure LoadComplete before running your test.

To view the Slow Transactions graph, you must also define transactions in your scenarios before running your test.

  1. Select Tools > Options from the LoadComplete main menu.

  2. In the Options dialog, select Simulating > General.

  3. Set the Store log data option to All data (Report + Details).

  4. Click OK to apply and save the changes.

  5. Run your test again.

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