Load Test Editor - Editing Tasks

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

This topic describes common tasks you can accomplish in the Load Test editor:

Adding Virtual Users to Load Test

To add a new virtual user (or several virtual users) to a load test:

  • If the load test already has a group of virtual users with the needed settings, increase the value in the User Count column of the appropriate row.

  • If the load test does not have a group of virtual users with the needed properties:

    • Click New Item on the editor’s toolbar. LoadComplete will add a new row for one virtual user.

    • To create more users, set the needed number in the User Count column.

    • Set the needed properties for the created virtual user(s).

To add a copy of existing virtual users to a load test:

  • Select the needed group of virtual users in the load test.

  • Click Copy on the editor’s toolbar.

  • Click Paste on the editor’s toolbar.

Deleting Virtual Users

To delete a user (or several users):

  • In the Virtual Users table, select the row that holds the needed user and reduce the number of virtual users in the User Count column.

To delete a group of virtual users from the test:

  • Right-click the row and choose Delete from the context menu.

Setting Virtual User Properties

You set virtual users’ properties in the columns of the Load Test editor:

  • Click the needed column of the virtual user to edit. This will activate the in-place editor.

  • Enter the needed value or choose it from the drop-down list.

  • Press Enter to confirm the changes. Press Esc to cancel the changes.

Running Load Tests

To run the test currently opened in the Load Test Editor:

  • Click Run This Load Test on the editor’s toolbar.

Note: If you use Amazon cloud computers in your load test, LoadComplete firsts display the Cloud Test Price dialog informing you about the cost of using those computers.
Estimating the Test Price

To estimate the cost of running a load test that uses Amazon cloud computers for simulating traffic:

  • Click the Estimate Test Price button on the Load Test toolbar.

-- or --

  • Click the Run This Load Test button on the Load Test toolbar.

LoadComplete will call the Cloud Test Price dialog that will show the approximate cost of using cloud computers.

Saving Changes

To save changes you have made in the editor, choose File | Save from LoadComplete’s main menu.

To close the Load Test editor without saving any changes, close the editor and click Don’t Save when LoadComplete asks you whether to save the changes.

To learn how to perform typical load testing tasks, see Load Testing With LoadComplete.

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