Continuous Load Settings

Applies to LoadComplete 4.97, last modified on May 20, 2019

By default, LoadComplete stops the test after it simulates all the virtual users. However, LoadComplete can also run load tests for a specified period. This way you can easily simulate continuous load on your web server. See Setting The Overall Test Duration.

On the Continuous Load tabbed page of the Load Test editor, you can enable continuous load and specify load test duration. The page contains the following settings:

  • Enable - Enables continuous load.

  • Runs (hours, minutes, seconds) - Specifies load test duration.

    LoadComplete supports running load tests for up to 24 hours.


  • If you enable continuous load, LoadComplete will simulate virtual users in a loop. It will restart virtual users whose simulation is over until the specified time elapses.

  • The overall test duration (you can see it on the Summary page after the test run) may be longer than the continuous load time you specified. This happens because the overall test duration includes not only the simulation time, but also the time spent on starting and stopping the load test.

  • When continuous load is enabled while you are using a stepwise load profile, LoadComplete operates in the following manner: the simulation will run for the period specified in the Continuous Load tabbed page. LoadComplete will start the simulation with the initial number of virtual users, and proceed adding virtual users at regular time intervals as defined in the Load Profile tabbed page. After that, the simulation will go on with the maximum number of virtual users.

  • To control how LoadComplete treats cookies of restarted virtual users, use the Reuse virtual user cookies when simulating continuous load option.

    To clear the virtual user’s cookies before LoadComplete restarts that user, disable the option. For the server, the restarted users will appear as new users.

    To keep the cookies, enable the option. In this case, the tested web server will know about previous user actions.

For more information on using the “continuous load” feature, see Setting The Overall Test Duration.

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