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Applies to Collaborator 13.6, last modified on May 12, 2021

When you first visit the Collaborator web interface, most likely you will be redirected to the login screen. The URL to this screen will depend on your system administrator. It often includes a special port number.

If your Collaborator server uses single sign-on authentication, then you will be redirected to single sign-on server's login screen instead.

Typically, accounts in Collaborator will be identical to your version control system account.

If your account is not set up, you will need to contact an administrator to set one up. If you use LDAP or ActiveDirectory for authentication in your company, you can use that username/password with Collaborator and it will automatically create your user account.

Some system administrators will have enabled a Create an account form on the front page:

Once you are logged in, you are redirected to the Home page. You can log out using the Logout button in the menu bar, but this is usually not necessary.

If you do not explicitly log out, the system will give your browser a cookie so the next time you go into a page you will not have to re-login first.

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