BitBar FAQ

Last modified on March 08, 2023

General questions

Is your solution strictly for testing mobile apps, or is it also possible to use it for testing web applications?

Do we need to share the source code of the app in the Cloud?

How does BitBar manage the cleaning of devices?

What are the requirements for signing my iOS applications to use on BitBar’s iOS devices?

How do you support BitBar devices communicating with servers behind our firewall?

Do you support turning off and on Wi-Fi on BitBar devices?

My tests require a Bluetooth (BLE) connection between the device and my external HW. What should I do?

Do you use emulators or real devices?

Do you support in-app purchases?

Do you support testing of push notifications?

Can we change device settings on BitBar?

What types of device performance data does BitBar provide for test runs?

Can I use my own Google accounts on BitBar devices?

Which Google Play account is used on your devices?

Where can I see a list of your devices? How often do you update it?

Can BitBar provide dedicated private devices for my testing?

Can I change or choose the OS on the devices? If not, how do you choose what OS should be on there?

Can the handsets under test receive an email via Wi-Fi?

Where can I find a free test trial, and how can I get started with BitBar Cloud?

My test run failed on most devices. Why was that?

Are the devices jailbroken/rooted?

Our app requests Device Administrator privileges from the user. After the user grants the app Device Admin privileges, these privileges cannot be removed without entering a password first. It is conceivable that some tests may leave an app on the device. Does any of this cause a problem for your test environment?

The app connects to our internal server. Our IT department will only allow connections from known IP address ranges. Is it possible for you to tell us what IP ranges are used to originate traffic from your test devices?

Which port ranges are used when running Appium client-side tests?

Where are your devices located?

How do I create geolocation test?

How safe are you?

How long is usually the queue? Do I have to wait for 2 hours or a day?

How long will our projects be online?

Can I take pictures, sound recording (mic) with the phones?

How can I close an application during Live Test on an iOS device?

iOS test automation framework questions

What iOS test automation frameworks do you support?

Is iOS Test based on UI Automation? Does this mean it can only test UIKit components?

How are you handling provisioning profiles to be able to test on devices?

Keyboard input into password boxes is not visible. Why?

Can I test Cocos2d- or C++ OpenGL- based games?

Is there support for automatically handling iOS dialogs?

BitBar API questions

For more information about the BitBar Integration API, see BitBar API.

The Java source code and client can be found in the Github repository:

Do you have an API? Where can I find documentation on it? Can I integrate Jenkins or my system into it?

Do you provide Jenkins and other CI plugins for BitBar?

Support Questions

Where is your support located? What are the business hours? Is it email support or also phone support?

Do you offer devices with pre-release OS versions of Android and iOS?

What is 3D Secure?

Other questions

Is your solution strictly for testing mobile apps, or is it also possible to use it for testing mobile sites?

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