Reference Count Profiler Tutorial: 1 - Generating Data

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

To illustrate how to work with the Reference Count profiler, we will use a sample application that is supplied with AQTime, ReferenceCountDemo. You can find it in the following folders:

<AQTime Samples>\Unmanaged\ReferenceCount\VC2005  -  Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual Studio 2005 project)

<AQTime Samples>\Unmanaged\ReferenceCount\VC2013  -  Microsoft Visual C++ (Visual Studio 2013 project)

<AQTime Samples>\Unmanaged\ReferenceCount\Delphi  -  Borland Delphi

<AQTime Samples>\Unmanaged\ReferenceCount\BCB  -  Borland C++Builder

Note: You can also open Visual Studio samples in later versions of Visual Studio.
On Windows Vista and later, AQTime samples are located in the <Users>\Public\Documents\AQTime 8 Samples folder. On other operating systems, the samples reside in the <Documents and Settings>\All Users\Documents\AQTime 8 Samples folder.
  • Load the sample application in AQTime.

  • Select Reference Count Profiler from the Profilers box on the Standard toolbar.

    Select Reference Count Profiler from the AQTime > Profilers item in the main menu of Visual Studio.

    Select Reference Count Profiler from the Current Profiler submenu of Embarcadero RAD Studio’s AQTime menu.

  • Select Normal from the Profiling Mode drop-down list box that is displayed on AQTime’s Standard toolbar.

    Select Normal from the Profiling Mode drop-down list box that is displayed on Visual Studio’s AQTime toolbar.

    Click the Normal button on RAD Studio’s AQTime Profiling Mode toolbar.

  • Switch to the Collect Stack Information Pane shown to the middle right of the Setup panel and make sure that both the All Project Modules check box and the corresponding Collect info about lines radio button are selected.

  • Press Run to start profiling.

    Select AQTime > Run to start profiling. You can also start profiling by pressing Visual Studio’s Run button while any AQTime panel is active.

    Select AQTime > Run With Profiling to start profiling.

  • Since the Reference Count Profiler option on the Show Again Flags option page is enabled, AQTime will call the Profiler Options dialog where you can set profiler options before profiling starts. We will not modify any options. Press Run in the dialog to start profiling.

  • AQTime will launch the profiled application. Wait until the application window is displayed on the screen.

  • In the application’s main window, enter 4 into the edit box and then press Execute.

  • Click Close.

In the next two steps we will analyze the profiling results.

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