AQTime Samples and Tutorials

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime includes a number of sample programs that demonstrate the main features of AQTime. All demo programs are located in the <AQTime 8 Samples> folder.

On Windows Vista and later, AQTime samples are located in the <Users>\Public\Documents\AQTime 8 Samples folder. On other operating systems, the samples reside in the <Documents and Settings>\All Users\Documents\AQTime 8 Samples folder.

Below is a list of all samples and tutorials.

Getting Started Tutorial

Allocation Profiler Tutorial

BDE SQL Profiler Tutorial

Coverage Profiler Tutorial

Enable/Disable Profiling Tutorial

Failure Emulator Profiler Tutorial

Function Trace Profiler Tutorial

Performance Profiler Tutorial

Reference Count Profiler Tutorial

Resource Profiler Tutorial

Sampling Profiler Tutorial

Searching for Performance Bottlenecks Tutorial

Static Analysis Profiler Tutorial

Unused VCL Units Profiler Tutorial

Profiling COM Applications Tutorial

Profiling IIS Applications Tutorial

Profiling Mixed Code Tutorial

Profiling Silverlight Applications Tutorial

Inline Functions Demo

Script Samples

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