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Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The Monitor panel displays information on creation and deletion of class instances as well as allocation and deallocation of memory blocks in the profiled application.

AQTime provides a number of counters that let you monitor different characteristics during the profiling.

Common Performance Counters

To monitor performance parameters, you can use four most commonly used performance counters:

  • CPU % - The percentage of the elapsed time the processor spends on executing non-idle threads.
  • Memory % - The percentage of the currently used memory.
  • Memory KB - The amount of currently used memory in kilobytes.
  • Disk time % - The percentage of the elapsed time all the disk drives were busy processing read and write requests during the test run.

Allocation Profiler Counters

AQTime also provides a set of counters specific to the Allocation profiler. The counters are divided into two groups: Application-specific and Standard.

Within the Application-specific group, counters are divided into the Classes and Modules subgroups. The Classes subgroup contains the Number and Size counters for each class in your application. The Modules subgroup includes the Size of allocated class instances counters for each profiled module.

The Standard category includes the following counters:

  • Total number of allocated class instances.
  • Total size of allocated class instances.
  • Number (this counter is available for Windows resources such as Bitmap, Brush, Font, Heap, and so on).
  • Size (this counter is available for Windows resources such as Bitmap, Brush, Font, Heap, and so on).

For information on how to add counters to the Monitor panel, see Working With the Monitor Panel.

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