BDE SQL Profiler - Details Panel

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The BDE SQL profiler measures the execution time of SQL queries or SQL stored procedures.

When the BDE SQL profiler displays profiling results, each row of the Report panel contains results of a database operation execution. The BDE SQL profiler uses the Details panel to display information on calls to BDE operations.

The Details panel contains the Call Stack pane that displays the sequence of functions that call the BDE operation currently selected in the Report panel. Each line below shows the caller of the line above it.

The Call Stack table contains the following columns:

Columns (in alphabetical order) Description
Class Name The name of the class to which the routine belongs.
Hit Count The number of times the routine was called during the profiler run.
Module Name The name of the executable module that contains the routine.
Routine Name The name of the routine that leads to the selected BDE operation.
Source File The name of the routine’s source file. The values for this column are read from the application’s debug info.
Source Line

The number of the source file’s line where the routine’s implementation begins.

On the right of the Details panel is the SQL Query Text pane that displays the complete code of the query selected in the Report panel. It can be useful because SQL queries can sometimes have long code that cannot be fully displayed in the SQL Expression column of the Report panel.

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