Clearing Results During Profiling

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The profiling engine accumulates results during profiling and displays them in the Report, Details and other panels when the profiled application is over or when AQTime gets a command to generate the results. AQTime provides a way to clear the accumulated results. This feature can be useful if you want AQTime to clear results accumulated by some point in time and display only the results that we collected after this point.

You can command AQTime to clear results by selecting the Run > Clear Results item from AQTime’s main menu or by pressing the Clear Results button on the Standard selecting the AQTime > Clear Results option from Visual Studio’s main menu or with the Clear Results button on the AQTime selecting AQTime > Clear Results from RAD Studio’s main menu.

Another way to clear results when profiling is to create an action that will command AQTime to flush the gathered results (Action Type: Clear Results). The routine that you select for this must be executed during the profiler run. For more information on actions, see Using Actions.

If you run the Allocation profiler and the profiler’s Check memory bounds option is enabled, the results cannot be cleared.

If you run the Function Trace profiler, the results cannot be cleared.

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