Printing Profiler Results

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

If AQTime is running as a standalone application, profiling results displayed in the Report or Call Graph panels can be printed directly:

  • Begin by checking the Print Preview form, using Print Preview from the context menu. This does not just preview how results will print out, but allows you to completely configure the printing: color and font settings, printer properties, paper size, background images, and so forth. Once you are satisfied with the configuration and preview, you can print directly from the form.

  • If you already know how the report will print and do not wish to change anything, you can use Print directly from the Report panel context menu as a shortcut.

If you prefer, you can of course print reports indirectly by first exporting results to an external file (XLS, XML, TXT or HTML) and then printing using the appropriate application (for instance, Microsoft Excel or Internet Explorer). This is convenient because your exact printing source remains on file, fully formatted.

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