Message - 'Cannot start profiling. The Java runtime environment specified by the Default Java Runtime setting was not found.'

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime displays this message when it cannot start profiling, because the specified Default Java Runtime was not found. As you may know, Default Java Runtime is a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that is used by AQTime to launch your Java applications. You can specify this machine via the Java Support Options dialog. So, after you do this and select Default Java Runtime as the value of the Select generic host application setting in the Run Parameters dialog, AQTime will try to find the specified JVM and use it to run the profiled Java application. If the machine is not found, this message is displayed.

Typical reasons of the problem and the ways you can solve it:

  • You do not have the specified Java Runtime version installed.

    To solve the problem, either select the installed Java Runtime as the Default Java Runtime setting in the Java Support Options dialog or install the Java Runtime version that cannot be found on your machine.

  • The Available Java Runtime versions table is empty.

    To solve the problem, install Java on your computer (or reinstall it, if you already have it) and try again.

If the problem remains, please contact SmartBear’s Support Team.

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