Profiling Java Applications

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This section contains topics that provide detailed information on profiling Java applications with AQTime:

Profiling Java Applications - Overview

Provides general information on profiling Java applications.

Selecting Target Java Virtual Machine

Explains how you can specify the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that AQTime will use to run and profile your application.

Profiling Java Archives

Explains how to profile Java applications represented in the form of Java archives (.jar files).

Profiling Java Classes

Describes how to profile Java applications represented in the form of machine-readable class files (.class).

Profiling Mixed-code Java Applications

Explains how to profile Java applications that contain mixed (both Java and native) code.

Java Support Options Dialog

Describes AQTime options specific to Java application profiling.
Related Topics of Interest

Compiler Settings for Java Compiler

Describes how to compile Java applications with debug information and prepare them for profiling.

Profiling Applications With AQTime

Describes the general procedure of profiling applications with AQTime.

Profilers Reference

Describes the profilers included in AQTime.

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