Know the Structure of Potential Interlinks Between Classes

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

To explore the structure of interlinks between your application’s classes, use the Static Analysis profiler:

  1. Select the Classes category of profiling results.

  2. Click a class in the Report panel and then switch to the Call Tree panel.

  3. The Parents pane of the Call Tree panel displays the tree of classes whose methods call methods of the currently selected class as coded in the source, while the Children pane displays the tree of classes whose methods are called by methods of the selected class.

To know the structure of links between your classes, you can also use the Sequence Diagram Link profiler. This profiler statically analyzes your application to track function calls, then builds a UML diagram of function calls and outputs the diagram into Microsoft Word or Microsoft Visio. The diagram clearly shows what methods of what classes call methods of other classes.

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