Unable to Find an Activated License

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

AQTime displays this message on startup if it fails to find license information for your AQTime instance on your computer or in the network. There are several possible reasons for this, for example —

  • You have not activated any license on your computer yet.

  • You had a Node-Locked license, but it was lost for some reason.

  • You have a Floating User license, and no License Manager computers are available in the network.

  • The Sentinel LDK License Manager service is not running on your computer, or, if you use a Floating User license, on the remote machine.


The message window offers solutions for typical problems:

Command Description
Activate a license This command is typically helpful for users of commercial Node-Locked licenses (we mention commercial because technically trial licenses are also Node-Locked).

If you have this kind of a license, then most likely you receive this message because you have not yet activated the license on your computer. To do this, simply click this command and follow instructions of the subsequent License Management wizard.

You can read about activation steps in the AQTime 8 Licensing Guide that is shipped along with the product.

Try to find a license again This command is typically helpful for users of the Floating User licenses.

The floating license scheme implies that you have a License Manager somewhere in your network, and that this License Manager is unavailable or failed to provide license information to your AQTime instance.

To learn how to fix the problem, see —

Unable to Find an Activated Floating User License

You can also try resolving the problem by using the Licensing Troubleshooter on our web site:

Licensing Troubleshooter

Request trial Select this command to request a trial license of AQTime. You will have to specify your contact information like name and email in the subsequent dialog. AQTime will then send a request to the SmartBear website, and then download and activate the trial license on your computer.

To activate the trial license this way, make sure your computer is able to connect to the SmartBear website (https://ls1.smartbear.com and https://ls2.smartbear.com, port 443). The proxies and firewalls working in your network should allow access to these addresses and port.

Restore the lost license Select this command, if you have license information on your computer, but it was lost for some reason (for instance, some hard disk sectors were broken), or if your computer’s hardware changed.

Follow the instructions of the subsequent License Recovery wizard.

Close application Closes the dialog without performing any actions. AQTime will not start.

Select this option to fix the problem and launch AQTime later.


For assistance in finding the cause of the problem and fixing it, please use the Licensing Troubleshooter on the SmartBear web site:

Licensing Troubleshooter

The troubleshooter will also help you collect information and submit a request to the SmartBear Support Team.

More Information

For more information on AQTime licensing system, refer to AQTime 8 Pro Licensing Guide.

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