License Recovery Wizard

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The License Recovery wizard helps you restore and activate a lost AQTime license. This topic provides detailed information on how you can do this.

When License Recovery Is Needed

AQTime includes the License Recovery wizard that helps you fix issues with licenses that occur for one of the following reasons:

  • The licensing subsystem has detected changes in the computer’s hardware configuration.

    An AQTime license is bound to the hardware (motherboard and hard disk) of the computer where you activate this license. If the license-critical hardware changes, the license becomes unavailable.

    The License Recovery wizard binds the license to the new hardware.

  • You run AQTime on a virtual machine, and you cloned this virtual machine or moved it to another physical PC.

    When you activate an AQTime license on a virtual machine, the license is bound to the physical computer where this virtual machine is running. If you move the virtual machine to another physical PC, the license-critical hardware parameters change and the license becomes unavailable. The same happens if you change a hard disk or the motherboard of the physical computer where the virtual machine runs.

    You can use AQTime’s License Recovery wizard to “bind” the license to the new physical PC.

  • The License Manager PC is non-functional, because it was damaged, burned down or stolen.

    Since each AQTime license is bound to the hardware of the computer on which you activated it, you lose the license if this computer or its license-critical hardware is not available to you or does not function.

    You can use the License Recovery wizard to activate the license on a new computer or bind it to new hardware.

Specifics and Requirements

  • License recovery does not work for time-limited and trial licenses.

  • You can recover a license only twice.

  • To recover a license, you need a functioning Internet connection on your computer.

    Also, the network security settings should allow connecting to the SmartBear licensing web servers ( or, port 443).

    If you do not have a functioning Internet connection on your computer, see below.

  • The restored license will be bound to your computer.

  • Do not recover a license if it is active on some other computer. Doing this will cause an unpredictable product behavior on both machines.

License Recovery Steps

  1. Install AQTime and launch it.

    AQTime will search for an active license on start. If the license is not found, it will display a message box warning you about the problem.

  2. In the message box, choose to restore (rebind) the license. This will invoke the License Recovery wizard.

  3. On the first page of the wizard, you specify your user name, company, email and the license key of the lost license.

    We recommend entering your user name, company and email, not those of the license holder.

    You can find the license key in the email message that you received from SmartBear after purchasing the license, or in the My SmartBear web portal (

    Click Next to continue.

  4. On the next page, enter proxy authentication settings, if needed.

    In most cases, you do not have to enter anything. If you are not sure, please consult with your system administrator.

  5. Click Restore. The wizard will attempt to restore your license. If the license has been restored successfully, the wizard activates it and binds it to your computer.


AQTime will display a message notifying you about the recovery result.

Below are typical causes of errors:

  • You misprinted the lost license key. Please make sure that you have typed the key correctly. You can find it in the email that you received from SmartBear after purchasing the license, or in the My SmartBear portal (

  • You do not have a functioning Internet connection, or the firewall or proxy running in your system blocks access to the SmartBear licensing server (, port 443). Change the firewall or proxy settings. Ask your system administrator for help, if needed.

  • You are trying to restore a time-limited or trial license. This cannot be done.

  • You have exceeded the number of available recoveries.

  • The license that you are trying to restore has already been restored on another computer. If the license is unavailable on that computer as well, you need to specify its key, rather than the original license key.

If the License Recovery Wizard Does Not Help...

If the wizard is unable to restore your license, or if you cannot use the wizard for some reason, contact the SmartBear Sales Team. We will help you resolve the issue. In the meantime, you can use an emergency license. For more information on it, see the AQTime 8 Licensing Guide.

Additional Information

For information on the available license types, license activation, usage and management, see the AQTime 8 Pro Licensing Guide that is shipped along with AQTime.

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