License Update Available

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

You see this message when you launch a new AQTime version after installing it on your computer.

To use this new version of the product, you need to activate a license for it (the new version’s licenses differ from the previous version’s licenses).

In general, you can find a new license key on the portal. However, in your case, you can take advantage of your active maintenance subscription and command AQTime to obtain and activate the new license automatically.

Activating a new license automatically

To get and activate a license automatically, simply click Activate on this PC in the message window. AQTime will connect to the SmartBear website, get a new license key from there, and then activate the new Node-Locked license on your computer (the previous version license you have on your machine is also Node-Locked.)


  • The new license will not remove the previous license from your computer. You will still be able to use the previous version of the product on your machine.

  • The entire operation is free as you have an active maintenance subscription.

  • If AQTime fails to connect to the SmartBear website (this can happen, for example, if your Internet connection stops functioning), you will have to obtain the new license key and activate it manually.

If you do not want to activate a license

You may want not to get and activate the new license key automatically for some reason, for example:

  • You may want to use a specific license key, or

  • You may want to activate the new license on another computer.

In this case, click Skip the license activation. AQTime will display another message box, where you can activate a specific license key, restore a lost license, consume a Floating-User license (if you have a licensing server in your network), and so on.

If you have questions

If you have questions on license updates, please contact our Sales or Support Team.

For information on product licensing, see AQTime 8 Licensing Guide that is shipped along with the product.

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