License Manager

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

This topic describes the terms and concepts of AQTime’s License Manager. For information on how it works, see How Licensing Subsystem Works.

About License Manager and License Manager PC

To manage licenses, AQTime uses the following modules and subsystems:

  • AQTime’s license management subsystem.

  • Sentinel LDK License Manager service.

  • (Optionally) Standalone License Manager utility.

The license management subsystem and the service are always installed along with AQTime Pro. They are used to search for activated licenses when AQTime starts and during the AQTime session. On the computer where a license is activated, these modules also manage license usage. We call them License Manager for short.

The standalone License Manager utility can be installed on a computer where AQTime is not installed, that is, it lets you install and run the License Manager independently of AQTime.

The computer where your license is activated and which controls the license usage is called the License Manager PC (in other words, this is the computer where the License Manager is running).

If you have a Node-Locked license, the License Manager PC is the computer on which AQTime is installed. The License Manager allows running AQTime on this computer only.

If you have a Floating User license, AQTime can run on several workstations on the network. The license can be activated either on one of AQTime workstations, or on the computer where the standalone License Manager utility is installed (that is, on the computer that has no AQTime). In other words, if you use Floating User licenses, then, in general, the License Manager PC differs from the computer that has AQTime installed.

Sentinel LDK License Manager Service

The License Manager uses the Sentinel LDK License Manager service. This service is used both by Node-Locked and Floating User licenses. The service is used for all operations over the licenses: activating, running, updating and moving.

This service must be running in order for AQTime Pro to be able to start. It must also be running during the whole AQTime session as AQTime may send requests to the License Manager during the run.

If you use a Floating User license, this service must be running both on the License Manager PC and on the workstations, on which AQTime is running.

To determine whether this service is running, open the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services window and see if the Sentinel LDK License Manager service is running.

Using One License Manager PC Per Registration Key

You cannot activate two licenses of the same product on one License Manager PC, that is, you cannot activate two licenses of AQTime 8 on the same computer. When activating a new license for the product, the new license data will overwrite the existing data and the existing license information will be lost. To avoid problems, we recommend that you use one License Manager PC per key. If you want the License Manager to control more product instances, we recommend that you upgrade your license. See Upgrading Existing AQTime Pro Licenses.

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