Standalone License Manager Utility

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

Using a Floating User license implies you select a separate computer to be used as the License Manager PC. This computer must meet certain requirements (see Selecting License Manager PC and Floating User License - Requirements). One of these requirements is that the computer must always be available to AQTime instances running on network workstations. So, it’s worth it to install the License Manager on a server computer that is always on.

The license management modules are installed along with AQTime. If you activate an AQTime license on the server computer, this means that the server computer will become the License Manager PC and AQTime’s files and modules will occupy its hard disk space.

To avoid having the entire AQTime installation on the server, you can install the License Manager as a standalone utility. Feel free to download its installation package from SmartBear’s web site:

The only purpose of this utility is to activate the license and control its usage. It is small, resource-friendly and does not have any specific system requirements. It can be installed on any, even “weak” computers. The only requirement is that this computer has a network connection. See Floating User License - Requirements for more information.

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