Node-Locked License - Requirements

Applies to AQTime 8.81, last modified on January 18, 2022

The computer, on which you are going to install AQTime, must match the software and hardware requirements mentioned in the AQTime documentation. The information below is specific for installing and activating the AQTime Node-Locked license:

  • Licenses cannot be activated on virtual machines. It means that you cannot use AQTime on them if you have a Node-Locked license.

    For information on possible workarounds, see Using AQTime on Virtual Machines.

  • Node-Locked licenses can be activated in automatic or manual mode. Below, are requirements for automatic activation:

    • The computer, on which you activate the license, must have a working Internet connection. The connection is required for activation of the license. After activating your license, the connection is not needed.

    • When activating your license, the license management modules send requests to and receive responses from the SmartBear web server (URLs and, port 443). Make sure the proxies and firewalls working in your network allow the activation requests. In most cases, firewalls or proxies do not block the requests, but you may need to change their settings if the activation fails.

    If your License Manager PC does not have an Internet connection, you can activate your license manually. See Manual Activation Procedure.

  • There must be no other AQTime licenses installed on the computer where you are going to activate the license. If you activate a license on a computer where another license is already activated, the new license data will replace the existing data - that is, your existing license will be lost. For more information on this and on possible workarounds, see Using Multiple Licenses on One License Manager PC.

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