Get SLA Detail Report

Last modified on May 22, 2024

The Get SLA Detail Report operation returns an SLA Detail report for one, several or all monitors.

The SLA Detail report supports only one monitor per API call.


Request URL



This endpoint is valid for Version 1 only.


Required. The ID of the monitor you need to get a report from.


Required. A comma-separated list of location IDs.

rdate | from+to

Required. A relative date or date range. See below.

Value format: YYYY-MM-DD, optionally +HH:MM:SS.


The sort order. Specify asc to sort data in ascending order, or desc to sort it in descending order.

Available Relative Date Ranges
Value Description
LastOneHour Last 1 hour.
LastTwoHours Last 2 hours.
LastFourHours Last 4 hours.
LastEightHours Last 8 hours.
LastTwelveHours Last 12 hours.
LastTwentyFourHours Last 24 hours.
LastFortyEightHours Last 48 hours.
Today Today.
Yesterday Yesterday.
LastTwoDays Last 2 days.
LastThreeDays Last 3 days.
LastSevenDays Last 7 days.
LastEightDays Last 8 days.
ThisWeek This week (beginning Sunday).
ThisMonth This month.
LastMonth Last month.
LastWeek Last week (beginning Sunday).
LastBizWeek Last business week.


  • This URL returns the SLA Detail data for the customer ID C99999, device ID 130705, from all 3 monitoring locations, Charlotte, Boston and Austin (location IDs 22,63,72), for LastWeek:,63,72&rdate=LastWeek

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