Get Transaction Detail Report

Last modified on May 22, 2024

This endpoint returns detailed run data for one, several or all DéjàClick monitors in the specified AlertSite account. The results include a list of monitor runs for the report period, with the status and response time breakdown for the whole monitor, individual steps (actions), events and HTTP requests that make up each event.


Request URL




The monitor ID to include in the report, or a comma-separated list of monitor IDs. If omitted, all applicable monitors are included.


Optional days of the week to include in the report. 0 is Sunday, 1 is Monday, and so on. Separate multiple values with commas. If omitted, all days are included.


The output format: XML (default) or JSON.


To get XML data, do not include the api_version parameter. To get JSON data, use api_version=2.


Optional hours of the day to include in the report. 0 is midnight. Separate multiple values with commas. If omitted, all hours are included.


The location ID or a comma-separated list of location IDs. If omitted, all locations are included.


The number of results allowed to be returned.

rdate OR start_date+end_date

Required. The report period. You can use a relative time period (rdate) or an exact period (start_date+end_date in the format YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-MM-DD+HH:MM:SS).

rdate can have the following values:

Value Description
LastOneHour Last 1 hour.
LastTwoHours Last 2 hours.
LastFourHours Last 4 hours.
LastEightHours Last 8 hours.
LastTwelveHours Last 12 hours.
LastTwentyFourHours Last 24 hours.
LastFortyEightHours Last 48 hours.
Today Today.
Yesterday Yesterday.
LastTwoDays Last 2 days.
LastThreeDays Last 3 days.
LastSevenDays Last 7 days.
LastEightDays Last 8 days.
ThisWeek This week (beginning Sunday).
ThisMonth This month.
LastMonth Last month.
LastWeek Last week (beginning Sunday).
LastBizWeek Last business week.


The following URL returns the Transaction Step data for all monitors from Los Angeles (location ID 42) for yesterday, in the JSON format:

The following URL returns the same data in the XML format:

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