Installing Script Extensions

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

Use the Install Script Extensions dialog to view the list of installed script extensions (for more information on script extensions, see About Script Extensions) and to enable or disable them. To invoke the dialog, right-click the TestExecute icon () in the notification area (tray) and select Install Script Extensions from the context menu.

The dialog lists the installed script extensions. For each extension it should contain the name, a brief description, information about the extension’s version and vendor, and the link to a web page that contains the extension’s description.

To hide or show descriptions in the dialog, clear or select the Show description check box.

To disable an extension, clear the Active check box for it. Clearing the check box will not uninstall the extension, the extension will still be installed, it will be disabled.

To enable the extension, select the Active check box for it.

Note that in the Script Extensions dialog you can only disable or enable the extensions, but not install or uninstall them. TestExecute automatically installs the extensions that are located in the folders specified by TestExecute’s Script Extensions settings.

To update the list of available extensions, press Reload. TestExecute will remove all extensions from the list (at that, their finalization code will be executed) and then will scan the folders, specified by the Script Extensions settings and add found extensions to the list.

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