Script Extensions Options Dialog

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on May 21, 2024

The Script Extensions Options dialog is used to specify the folders where TestExecute will search for script extensions (for more information on script extensions, see Script Extensions - Overview). To call the dialog, right-click the TestExecute icon () in the notification area (tray), select Options from the ensuing context menu and then select Engines | Script Extensions from the tree displayed on the left side of the resulting Options dialog.

The dialog lists the search paths that TestExecute uses in addition to the <TestExecute>\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions path to find and install script extensions. TestExecute scans these path when it starts or after a user presses Reload in the Script Extensions dialog.

To add a folder to the list
  • Press Add Folder. This will invoke the Browse for Folder dialog.

  • In the dialog, choose the desired folder and press OK.

TestComplete considers each folder in the list like a folder that contains several script extensions. The extension’s description.xml file cannot reside in the specified folder, it must be located in a subfolder or in a .tcx package. So, if you specify the path to unpacked extension files, you should specify the folder that is one level up. For instance, if your unpacked extension is located in the C:\My Extensions\Extension1 folder (that is, the description file is in this folder), you should specify C:\My Extensions rather than C:\My Extensions\Extension1.
To include or exclude a folder from the search

TestExecute only searches for script extensions in those folders that are selected in the Script Extensions dialog. To include a folder into the search, select the folder’s check box in the dialog. To exclude a folder from the search, clear the folder’s check box.

To change a path in the list
  • Select the desired folder in the list.

  • If you selected the folder with the keyboard, press F2 to activate the in-place editor.

    If you selected the folder with the mouse, the in-place editor will be activated automatically.

  • Type the fully-qualified name of the desired folder.

    -- or --

    Press the ellipsis button and choose the desired folder in the ensuing Browse for Folder dialog.

To delete a folder from the list
  • Select the desired folder in the list.

  • Click Remove Folder.

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