Before Running Tests

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

Before running a project or project suite in TestExecute:

  1. Prepare the project (project suite) in TestComplete: specify a sequence of tests to be executed during the test run. We call these sequences test items. For more information on test items, see the Tests, Test Items, and TestCases topic in the TestComplete documentation.

  2. Make sure that TestExecute has all required permissions to run tests. For information on the needed permissions, see Configuring Your System.

  3. If you plan on running mobile tests, make sure you have an active license for the Mobile module.

    In addition, if you are going to run tests on Android mobile devices, make sure TestExecute is prepared for testing. See Preparing for Running Tests on Android Devices.

  4. If you plan to post issues to issue-tracking systems, configure connections to them and issue-tracking templates. See Integration With Issue-Tracking Systems - Overview.

  5. If needed, configure other TestExecute options in the Options dialog.

  6. If you want to view the test log after each test run, make sure that the Activate after test run option is enabled in TestExecute (by default). Otherwise, disable the option.

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