Configuring Your System

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on May 21, 2024

Usually, you can use TestExecute normally right from the start. However, depending on the operating system you are working with, the software you are running and the test types you are going to perform, you may need to configure certain settings manually to be able to use TestExecute in full. Otherwise, TestExecute may not be able to access your tested application, record and run tests, and so on. For example, high security settings of the operating system may prevent TestExecute from interacting with other applications unless it has a specific privilege level. You may also need to specify TestExecute as a trusted application for your firewall or antivirus software to avoid conflicts.

Topics of this section describe the settings required to use TestExecute.

In This Section

Working With TestExecute Under Limited User Accounts

Describes the specifics of working with TestExecute under an account with limited privileges.

Using TestExecute With Administrator Privileges

Describes how provide TestExecute with higher privileges level.

TestExecute and Windows Firewall

Describes Windows Firewall settings required to run tests with TestExecute.

Specifics of Using TestExecute on Various Windows Operating Systems

Describes the specifics of testing applications on various versions of the Windows operating system.
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