The License Key Has Already Been Used for Product Activation

Applies to TestExecute 15.40, last modified on May 21, 2024

This page is related to key-based licenses — a regular license type used in TestExecute 15.40. For information on the new ID-based license type, see SmartBear ID-based Licenses.

You may face this problem when you are trying to activate the product using the license key that has already been used earlier.

Each license key can only be used once. After you successfully activated a TestExecute license on one computer, you cannot use the same license key to activate it on another computer.

If you get this message, then perhaps you have activated your license on some other computer and now trying to activate it using the same license key on another computer. There is no need to do this. You need to activate TestExecute on one computer only. This computer will become the License Manager PC and will control the use of TestExecute instances in your network. There is no need to activate TestExecute on other workstations. You can install and use it.

You will see this message, if you uninstalled TestExecute from the License Manager PC and want to install and activate it on other computer (that is, if you want to move the license from one PC to another). To move the license, it is not enough to uninstall TestExecute. Before uninstalling you need to “unbind” your TestExecute license from the current License Manager PC.

The license deactivation procedure includes several steps. For detailed information, see Deactivating and Moving Licenses.

Note that you can deactivate a license ten times only. Further deactivations will require that you contact the SmartBear Sales Team. You can do this via e-mail or by phone:

If you use the Web form, then when submitting your request, specify the Licensing Inquiry request type. This will help us process your request faster. We will answer you via email and all further communication will be made via email. However, to start the conversation, please use the Web form.

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