Editing Project Items and Their Child Elements

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

TestComplete shows all of the project items that make up the project in the Project Explorer panel.

To view or modify properties of a project item or properties of its child element:

  • Open the Project Explorer panel (if it is hidden, choose View | Project Explorer from the main menu of TestComplete).
  • Right-click the desired project item (or the desired element of a project item) in the Project Explorer and select Edit from the context menu.

    -- or --

    Double-click the desired project item (or child element of a project item).

TestComplete will show the property editor in the Workspace panel.

In addition to the editor displayed in the Workspace panel, TestComplete offers more helper panels and windows for some project items to make editing more convenient. For instance, TestComplete includes the Code Explorer panel that makes it easier to navigate through script units.

Your projects may contain non-project-item files that your tests use, for example, .csv files with test data. To view or edit these files, simply double-click them in the Project Explorer. TestComplete will start the application associated with the file type in the operating system.

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