Default Project Properties - Object Identification Options

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 10, 2024

The Open Applications | Web Testing | Object Identification options in the default project properties have the following purposes:

  • They specify the default values for the Object Identification options of newly created TestComplete projects. These options affect the way TestComplete identifies objects in web applications.

  • They affect the naming of web page elements in the Object Browser when there is no open project in TestComplete.

To view or modify the default web object identification options, select Tools | Default Project Properties from the main menu of TestComplete and then select the Project | Open Applications | Web Testing | Object Identification category in the Default Project Properties dialog. Note that these options are available only if the Web Testing plugin is installed and enabled in File | Install Extensions.

You can change the following options:

  • Identification attribute - Specifies which HTML attribute - id or name - TestComplete uses first when selecting an identifier for a web object.

  • Dynamic identifiers - A list of patterns for detecting dynamic object identifiers in web applications. TestComplete either ignores these identifiers or extracts and uses their unchanging parts. For more information, see Handle Dynamic Identifiers.

For a detailed description of these options, see Project Properties - Object Identification Options.

To save the changes you made to the options, click OK. Cancel will close the dialog discarding any changes.

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