Requirements and Prerequisites

Applies to TestComplete 15.55, last modified on September 12, 2023

To work with Team Foundation Version Control from TestComplete, you need to prepare your team project, your computer from which you will connect to your team project, and TestComplete.

Prepare Your Team Project

Your team project that you manage with Azure DevOps Services or Azure DevOps Server or Team Foundation Server must be configured to use Team Foundation Version Control as a repository. To learn about the repositories you can use in your team project, see:

Prepare Your Computer

  1. Install Microsoft Team Explorer on your computer. You can install it as a standalone product or as part of Microsoft Visual Studio. TestComplete supports the following versions:

    • Team Explorer for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012–2019

    If you have several versions of Team Explorer installed on your computer, TestComplete will use the latest version for integration.

  2. In Team Explorer, connect to your Azure DevOps Services account, or to Azure DevOps Server or Team Foundation Server, and create and configure a workspace to map your team project files to your local folders.

    To learn how to create and configure workspaces for Team Foundation Version Control, see

Prepare TestComplete

  1. Make sure that the Team Foundation Version Control Plugin is enabled. (The plugin is installed and enabled automatically when you install TestComplete.)

  2. Close any open projects in TestComplete.

  3. Select Tools > Options > Source Control from the TestComplete main menu to open the Source Control Options dialog.

  4. In the dialog, switch the current source control provider to Team Foundation Version Control Plugin.

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