Migrating From Legacy SCC API Providers

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Earlier versions of TestComplete integrated with source control systems via SCC API Providers. These APIs are compatible with a wide number of source control systems, however they offer a mediocre level of integration. The current version of TestComplete provides a higher level of integration with the following source control systems:

  • Subversion

  • Git

  • Mercurial

  • Team Foundation Version Control

If you have test projects or project suites bound to these source control systems via legacy SCC API providers, we recommend that you move those projects to using new support.

Switching the Source Control Provider of Existing Projects and Project Suites

  1. Check out your project suite (project) from your repository by using your source control client. For instructions, see the documentation for your source control client.

    Note: This step is required only for Subversion users who migrate from the legacy SmartBear SVN provider. If you use another SCC API provider, this step is optional but still recommended.
  2. Open the project suite (project) in TestComplete.

    If your project was created in an earlier version of TestComplete, convert it to the current version’s format.

    This will make the project incompatible with previous versions of TestComplete.
  3. To unbind the project suite (project) from the legacy SCC API provider, select File > Source Control > Unbind From Source Control from the TestComplete main menu.

    See Unbinding Projects and Project Suites From Source Code Control (Legacy) for details.

  4. Select File > Save All to save all changes made to the project suite (project).

  5. Select Tools > Options > Source Control from the main menu to open the Source Control Options dialog.

  6. Change the value of the Current source control plugin setting from SCC API Providers Plugin to the needed source control plugin.

    For example, to switch your project from the legacy SmartBear SVN provider to the new Subversion integration, set Current source control plugin to Subversion Plugin.

Now, the project suite (project) will use the new source control provider.

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