Viewing Uncommitted Changes

Applies to TestComplete 15.41, last modified on July 01, 2022

If you use TortoiseSVN to work with Subversion from TestComplete, you can view the list of uncommitted changes made to your project suite:

  1. Select File > Source Control > Show Changes from the TestComplete main menu.

    – or –

    Right-click your project suite in the Project Explorer and then click Source Control > Show Changes.

    – or –

    Click Show Changes on the Source Control toolbar (if the toolbar is hidden, right-click the toolbar area and then click Source Control).

  2. TestComplete will open TortoiseSVN Check for Modifications dialog.

    Viewing Uncommitted Changes in the Working Copy

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    The dialog shows all uncommitted changes you made to your project suite. If needed, you can revert changes you made to a specific file or to all files in your working copy. See Reverting Changes.

    For detailed information on working with the dialog, see TortoiseSVN documentation.

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