Integration With Git - Common Tasks

Applies to TestComplete 15.40, last modified on March 25, 2022

This section describes how you can perform the most common tasks over projects and project suites bound to a Git repository directly from TestComplete.

In This Section

Creating Local Repository

Explains how to create a local Git repository and add your current project or project suite to this repository.

Cloning an Existing Repository

Explains how to clone an existing Git repository.

Committing Changes

Explains how to submit your changes to a repository.

Getting Changes

Explains how to get the latest changes form a repository.

Viewing History of Changes

Explains how to view the history of changes submitted to the repository.

Reverting Changes

Explains how to undo your local changes.

Ignoring Certain Files And Folders

Explains how to avoid submitting certain files or folders.

Working With Branches

Explains how to create, switch, merge and delete branches.

Unbinding TestComplete Projects From the Git Repository

Explains how to unbind a project or project suite from a source control system.

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