Applies to TestComplete 14.10, last modified on June 5, 2019

If your imported TestComplete tests fail to start from Quality Center or you encounter some problems when running the imported tests, examine the test logs to find out what may cause the errors:

  • You can view information on the test run progress in the Execution Log dialog while your test is running.

  • When you run tests from Quality Center, TestComplete runs in silent mode. For information on errors that may occur when TestComplete is running in silent mode, view the Silent.log file in the following folder:

    <System_Drive>:\Users\<UserName>\App Data\Roaming\SmartBear\TestComplete\14.0

  • If an error occurs during the test run, TestComplete posts information on it to the test log. If your Quality Center project is configured to create an error report upon a test failure, Quality Center creates a new defect and attaches the TestComplete test log to the defect. Examine the log to find information on the occurred errors. In addition, you can modify the Quality Center scripts to attach the TestComplete log to Quality Center execution logs.

In order for Quality Center to run your imported tests successfully:

  • Check whether the account, under which you import and run TestComplete tests from Quality Center, has all the required permissions (see Requirements for Working With HP Quality Center). To check this, you can try doing the following:

    • In Quality Center, create a test plan manually and add a test plan item to it.

    • Zip your TestComplete project suite and attach the archive file to the created test plan item.

    • Delete the created test plan item.

    If your account has all the needed permissions, you will be able to perform these steps successfully.

  • Make sure that your storage, to which Quality Center extracts the imported TestComplete projects, has enough space.

  • Check whether your TestComplete projects are unpacked correctly. By default, Quality Center extracts projects to subfolders of the following temporary folder:


  • Make sure that the extracted TestComplete projects can run. Open any of the extracted projects in TestComplete and try to run the project manually.

If you need further assistance in troubleshooting, please contact SmartBear’s Support Team.

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