Script Extension Files - Overview

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

Script extensions are distributed as files that have an arbitrary file name and the .tcx extension. The tcx file is a .zip archive that contains all of the extension’s files. One tcx file may contain several extensions, so this file serves as the extensions package.

Each tcx package contains the following files:

  • description.xml - This is the “main” file of the package. It contains information about script extensions included in the package and custom actions, scripting objects and keyword test operations added by the extensions to TestComplete. For detailed information about the file, see Structure of the Description File.

  • Script files - The package contains at least one JScript or VBScript unit that contains the implementation of custom actions, objects and/or keyword test operations. A package may include both VBScript and JScript units. Two important notes:

    • Script files must have either .vbs or .js extension. The extension is used to determine the file’s scripting language: .vbs - VBScript, .js - JScript. Do not use other extensions.

    • Script files must have the ANSI or UTF-8 encoding.

    For more information about extensions’ script code, see Creating Script Extensions.

  • Form files - These files have the .aqfrm extension and represent forms used by the script extension. For more information, see Using Forms in Script Extensions.

  • Help file - This file has the .chm extension and the name that coincides with the package name. When a package is installed in TestComplete, the latter checks if the package contains the help file, extracts it and places into the same folder, in which the package is located. The extension’s code and forms can then call topics included into this help file. See Calling Help for Script Extensions.

  • Bitmap and PNG files - If script extensions included in the package provide custom actions or keyword test operations, the package may contain BMP (bitmaps) or PNG files that are used as icons of these actions, operations or operations’ in-place editors. The icons of actions and keyword test operations must be 16×16 images; the button glyphs of in-place editors used by keyword test operations – 14×14 images. An image’s color depth should be 24 bit or lower. The color of the leftmost-bottom pixel is treated as transparent.

To create a .tcx package, you place all the files (including description.xml) into the same folder, create a .zip archive for them, and then change the zip extension to tcx.

All files must reside in the same folder (in the folder, in which the description.xml is located). You cannot organize files into subfolders.

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