Creating Script Extensions

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on July 17, 2024

This section provides information about creating various script extensions -- record-time actions, design-time actions, scripting objects and keyword test operations. The explanation includes the following topics:

Creating Script Extensions - Basic Concepts

Provides general information about creating script extensions.

Creating Custom Actions

Explains how to write code of a record-time or design-time action.

Creating Runtime Objects

Explains how to write code of a scripting object.

Creating Keyword Test Operations

Explains how to create custom operations for use in keyword tests.

Creating Script Extensions That Process Test Results

Explains how to create script extensions that can process test results.

Using Forms in Script Extensions

Explains how to create forms to be used by script extensions and write the code that displays forms, obtains the user input and handles form events.

Creating Initialization and Finalization Routines

Explains the purpose of initialization and finalization routines and how to write their code.

Implementing Callbacks in Script Extensions

Explains how to call user-defined routines from script extensions.

Handling Errors in Script Extensions

Explains how to handle errors that may occur in script extensions and how to notify the user about errors.

Calling Help for Script Extensions

Explains how to call help from dialogs displayed by the script extensions.

Writing Script Extensions - Specifics

Describes specifics of writing script extension code.

Storing Script Extension Options Between TestComplete Sessions

Describes how to specify script extension options and use them to share data among TestComplete sessions.
Related Topics of Interest

Objects Available to Script Extensions

Lists the scripting objects that can be used in the script extension’s source code.

Structure of the Description File

Describes XML elements of the description file that is used to provide information about the script extension.

Debugging Script Extensions

Explains how you can debug actions and runtime objects provided by script extensions.

Deploying Script Extensions

Explains how to create the script extension package that can be installed in TestComplete or distributed to other users.

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