Applies to TestComplete 14.71, last modified on November 24, 2020

TestComplete provides a number of tutorials and samples to help you get acquainted with its main features. This section contains tutorials and instructions you can follow to learn testing basics. It also includes information on sample applications and projects you can use to explore TestComplete.

In This Section

Getting Started With TestComplete

Contains tutorials and basic information on the main features of TestComplete.

TestComplete Samples

Contains information on samples TestComplete includes.

More Tutorials

Contains tutorials that help you learn how to use various testing techniques.

Optical Character Recognition - Tutorial 

Shows how to simulate user actions over screen areas recognized by their text contents by using the new Optical Character Recognition engine featuring Google Vision API. Requires the TestComplete Intelligent Quality add-on.

Video Demos

Video Tutorials (web site)

Our web site contains an extensive set of videos, screencasts, and webinar recordings that demonstrate how to use various TestComplete features.

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