TestComplete Projects and Project Items

Applies to TestComplete 15.61, last modified on February 23, 2024

TestComplete operates with test projects and project suites. A project is a starting point for creating tests. It contains your tests, baseline data for checkpoints, information about tested applications, and other items needed to perform testing. The project also defines the execution sequence of tests.

A project can contain all the tests for your application. For complex applications, you may choose to devote a project to just one part of the application and other projects to other parts (normally, modules).

You can group related projects into a project suite. TestComplete automatically generates a project suite when you create a new project. You can also create an empty project suite and add projects to it.

Project items are project elements that perform or assist in performing various testing operations. Besides project items, your projects can also include helper files like Excel or .csv files with test data.

You can view and manage projects, project suites, and project items in the Project Explorer panel:

Project suite, project and project items nodes

For complete information on project items available in TestComplete, see About Project Items.

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