Getting Started With TestComplete

Applies to TestComplete 15.63, last modified on April 22, 2024

This tutorial will teach you to create a simple functional test with TestComplete. You will learn how to record and run tests, how to create checkpoints, how tests look like, and what you can see in test results.

In This Section

Introducing Automated Testing and TestComplete

An overview of TestComplete and automated testing. Recommended for novice users, regardless of your tested application type.

Creating Your First Test

Step-by-step tutorials for testing desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Where to Go Next

Learn where you can find information on common and specific tasks in TestComplete.

How I Can Start

The tutorial covers various application types supported by various TestComplete modules. To get started with TestComplete, select the needed type of a tested application in the table below:

Application Type Description
Desktop Applications that run on Windows desktop computers.
Web Applications that run in web browsers (including browsers embedded into desktop applications).
Mobile (iOS and Android) Applications that run on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Printing the Getting Started Tutorial

To get a hard copy of this tutorial, you can either print the needed sections from your web browser, or print the Getting Started With TestComplete 15.doc document that comes with the TestComplete installation package and resides in the <TestComplete>\Help folder.

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More Tutorials

Advanced tutorials that teach you various testing techniques.

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