Simple Mode

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024
Information in this topic applies to generic desktop applications (.NET, WPF, Delphi and others).

The Simple run mode is the most common way to run tested applications. If the tested application is configured to run in Simple mode, TestComplete launches it similarly to the way you would launch the application from Windows Explorer or the command line.

Activating Simple Run Mode

By default, all generic Windows applications under test are configured to run in Simple mode. This includes applications added to the test project in the following ways:

You can select another run mode (RunAs, Profile or Debug) for the application from the Run Mode combo box in the Basic Parameters section of the TestedApps editor. Similarly, you can switch from other run modes back to the Simple mode.

Simple Mode Parameters

You can view and change the tested application parameters, such as the application path, command-line arguments and the working folder, in the TestedApps editor. For a detailed description of available parameters, see:

Simple Mode Parameters

Note that there is a special command-line parameter for Open Applications - /NotOpenApp that forces TestComplete to treat the application as non-Open (black-box).

You can also activate the Simple mode and specify its parameters from keyword tests and scripts. To learn how to do this, see Editing Desktop Application Parameters.

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