Parameterizing Tests Using External Data Sources

Applies to TestComplete 15.0, last modified on October 14, 2021

In TestComplete, you can run tests that use test data stored in external files. This way, you can run the same test with various sets of data without modifying test commands.

To do this, you configure your tests to use parameters instead of hard-coded values so that each test iteration takes a value from an external data source, for instance, from a file or from a database table. You can use any data storage you need: comma-separated values (CSV) files, Excel sheets, database tables, script arrays, table variables and so on.

To parameterize tests, you can use special keyword test operations and script objects that simplify parameterization of input values and iteration through data storages. For example, the Data-Driven Loop operation allows accessing database tables, Excel sheets and comma-separated values (CSV) files and iterate through their data in keyword tests. To access data storages in scripts, you can use the DDTDriver object. To read files from plain text and binary files, you can use the aqTextFile and aqBinaryFile objects.

To learn more about parameterizing tests that use data from external storages, see:

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