Name Mapping Editor - Toolbar

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

The toolbar of the Name Mapping editor contains the following items:

Command Description
Add Object Selects an object on screen and adds it to your Name Mapping repository. For more information, see Mapping Objects Manually.
Refresh information Available only in the check for updates mode. Re-verifies the mapping criteria and updates the status of verified mapped objects.
Delete Unused Items Available only in the Show usage mode. Deletes all mapped objects that are marked as unused from your tests.

To detect unused items, TestComplete analyzes your tests and test run statistics. However, there can be a situation when TestComplete marks an item as unused while it is actually used in your tests. If such an item is deleted, your tests may fail. Before you remove all unused items, make sure that you actually do not need them in your tests.

If needed, removed items can be restored from the backup. See Find and Remove Unused Mapping Items.

Edit Opens the Edit Name Mapping Item dialog for the currently selected object where you can modify its mapping criteria.
Note: The object must exist in your tested application at the moment you use the Edit command.
Refresh Clears the cached object reference and searches for the object again (the same as the RefreshMappingInfo scripting method).
Highlight Shows a flashing red frame around the object on the screen or in the Mobile Screen window.
Note: The object must exist and be visible in your tested application.
Configurations Lists name mapping configurations. You can select an active configuration from the list or create a new one.
Check for updates Verifies that mapped objects can be identified using their current mapping criteria and indicates the objects, the mapping criteria of which are to be updated.
Templates Displays a list of name mapping templates where you can create, edit and delete templates.
Options Opens the Store Name Mapping Data dialog, which allows you to configure whether TestComplete should save code completion data and images.
Search Filters the mapped objects by their name, property name, property value or description.
Update selectors Available only for web objects mapped with XPath expressions and CSS selectors. Select an object on the screen to update selectors used to identify the object in tests. See Update Selectors for Web Objects.

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