Name Mapping Editor - Context Menu

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on June 12, 2024

In the Name Mapping editor, the Mapped Objects and Aliases trees have a context menu that helps you manage mapped objects and find them in applications.

Note: Some commands are available only in the context menu of the Mapped Objects tree, some commands are only in the context menu of the Aliases tree, and some - only in the Properties panel.
Command Description
Edit Opens the Edit Name Mapping dialog where you can change the object mapping criteria.
Rename Renames the selected object.
Copy Copies the name mapping item to the clipboard.
Cut Cuts the selected name mapping item.
Paste Pastes the cut or copied name mapping item.
Delete Deletes the object from the Mapped Objects or Aliases tree.
Exclude Items Removes the item from the Aliases tree. If the item has child items, they will remain in the Aliases tree and will move one level up. The mapped object associated with the alias will also remain in the Mapped Object tree.
Select All Selects all the visible items in the tree.
Find Mapped Object Jumps from the Aliases tree to the corresponding object in the Mapped Objects tree.
Field Chooser Opens a list of the available columns and lets you add and remove columns.
Expand All Expands all the items in the tree.
Collapse All Collapses all the items in the tree.
Show in Object Browser Selects the corresponding object in the Object Browser.
Map Child Objects Lets you map all child objects of the selected object.
Highlight Shows a flashing red frame around the object on screen.
View Object Shows an object screenshot.
Show Ambiguous Recognition Warning If selected, the Ambiguous Recognition warning will be posted to the log if TestComplete recognizes the object ambiguously. Otherwise, no message will be posted.
Show usage Analyzes your tests and test run statistics and shows how Name Mapping objects are used in your tests. You can then remove unused objects to clear the Name Mapping repository.
Update Image Searches for the selected mapped object in the system, and, if the object exists, re-captures the object’s image.
Remove Image Removes the image of the selected mapped object.
Update selectors Available only for web objects mapped with XPath expressions and CSS selectors. Select an object on the screen to update selectors used to identify the object in tests. See Update Selectors for Web Objects.

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