Exporting Test Results to a PDF File

Applies to TestComplete 15.51, last modified on May 25, 2023

TestComplete lets you export test results to a PDF file. To do this:

  • Open the test log in the Workspace panel. To do this, double-click the log in the Project Explorer.

  • Right-click somewhere within the test log window and choose Print Preview from the context menu, or select the File | Print Preview item from the main menu. This will call the Print Preview form in which you can modify the report that will be exported or printed.

  • Click the Export To PDF button on the form’s toolbar or select File | Export To PDF from the form’s main window.

  • The Export PDF Options dialog will appear. In this dialog, you can specify all the desired settings for the generated PDF file. For example, if you want TestComplete to open the generated file right after the results have been exported to it, enable the Open After Export option.

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