Using Optical Character Recognition

Applies to TestComplete 15.65, last modified on June 26, 2024
In version 12.60, this feature was upgraded to a new plugin powered by Google Cloud Vision API. To learn more, see Optical Character Recognition.
The deprecated OCR plugin was removed from TestComplete in version 12.60. If you need to use the deprecated OCR plugin with this version of TestComplete, please contact our Customer Care team. The deprecated OCR plugin was restored in TestComplete version 14.0. To use the plugin with this or later TestComplete version, you need to install and enable the plugin manually.

TestComplete can “read” the words and characters displayed on screen. This makes it easy to create tests that detect the state of the application and react accordingly. Some applications write text to the screen in a way that is difficult to read. In testing terms, these are black-box applications. Usually they are hard to read because they “paint” the text to the screen instead of using Windows to display the characters. Text rendered this way is just dots to most testing tools. Sometimes this is an obstacle when creating robust, reliable tests for black-box applications. The TestComplete Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature solves this problem for many applications.

The following topics provide complete information about the TestComplete OCR feature.

In This Section

Using Optical Character Recognition - Overview

Contains information about using optical character recognition in TestComplete.

Using Optical Character Recognition - Requirements

Describes plugins that provide the OCR functionality.

Using Optical Character Recognition - Tips

Describes how you can make the recognition more effective and concise.

Optical Character Recognition vs. Text Recognition Technology

Explains how to use the Text Recognition plugin to accomplish tasks of the OCR subsystem and when to use each of these recognition approaches.

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Optical Character Recognition

Describes the optical character recognition introduced in TestComplete version 12.60.

Using Text Recognition Technology

Describes the TestComplete Text Recognition technology that can be used to recognize and access custom controls by their text.

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