Using Text Recognition Technology

Applies to TestComplete 15.64, last modified on May 16, 2024
Information in this topic applies to desktop applications only.

The Text Recognition plugin enables TestComplete to identify UI objects in applications by the object text. You can use this plugin to identify custom-drawn objects for which the default UI identification methods do not work.

In This Section

Using Text Recognition Technology - Overview

Explains how the Text Recognition plugin works and how to enable it.


Describes the TestComplete plugins that provide the text recognition functionality.

Using Text Recognition Technology - Tips for Applications That Use Direct2D

Describes approaches you can use in your tested application to allow TestComplete to recognize text in the application more efficiently.

Related Topics of Interest

Project Properties - Text Recognition Options

These settings specify the object classes that the Text Recognition plugin will process.

Optical Character Recognition

Describes how to use the optical character recognition (OCR) to get text from the screen.

Possible Alternatives to Optical Character Recognition

Explains in which cases you need to use the Text Recognition and in which—optical character recognition.


TestComplete includes a sample test project that uses the Text Recognition:

<TestComplete Samples>\Desktop\Orders\TextRecognitionService

Note: If you do not have the sample, download the TestComplete Samples installation package from the page of our website and run it.

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